Playing Rules

Please ensure your players have read and understood our BALLERZ Playing Rules

Kick off from the spot

Each kick off will start from the centre spot (home team kicks first); the ball can go backward or forward.

Two equal halves
The game consists of 2 equal halves, with teams switching ends at half time. Each half is 25 minutes.

Free kicks

All free kicks are direct, with opposition players required to be at least 5 yards away from the spot.

Ball Out of Play

Balls which go out over the side line must be kicked in (not thrown). The ball must be placed on the line where the ball went out. Non-kicking foot must be behind the line. Opposition players must be back 5 yards. A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-in.

Ball Height
There are no ball height rules for players. Let the game flow.

No fouls on goal scoring opportunities

Denying a goal-scoring opportunity results in a direct free kick and potential further punishment for serious foul play or violent conduct.

Penalty Area

Any player is allowed in the penalty area. An offence by a defending player in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.

Penalty procedure

Players may only take one step toward the ball for a penalty and must do it in one continuous motion. No retakes for incorrect attempts.


Goalkeepers Rules

Goalkeeper distribution and area rules are as in 11 a side.

No direct back passes
The back pass rule applies – a free kick shall be awarded to the attacking team – 2 yards outside the penalty area.


Team Rules

Player age limit

All players in adult leagues must be 16 years and above.

6-a-side team size

Six-a-side teams consist of five outfield players and a goalkeeper with up to 5 substitutes. A game starts with a minimum of 5 players, and reduced teams may lead to match abandonment.

Unlimited substitutions

Substitutions require the referee’s consent and can only be made when the ball is dead, with reasonable notice given to the referee.

Equipment Rules

Shin pads are not optional
All players must wear shin pads

No Metal Studs
Bladed studs or metal-tipped boots are not allowed.

No jewellery

Jewellery, including watches and fitbits, is not permitted during play.

Dress code

Sportswear, preferably team kits/same colours, should be worn. No jeans or caps allowed.


All caution details are reported by the coordinator at the end of each game.

Verbal Warning

1st offence, Yellow Card

2nd Yellow Card in a game = Red Card – player will play no further part in the game

Straight Red Cards – Result in a 2 match suspension.

Ballerz reserves the right to prohibit any player, team or club from taking further part in  league competitions.

Spectators are to be supportive to their team and responsible for the way they engage with other supporters. We expect supporters to support in an inclusive manner, create a positive atmosphere and to never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour. Spectators who are unable to adhere to this may be asked to leave with any dependents and/or reported.