Code of Conduct

Please ensure your team take note of our BALLERZ CODE OF CONDUCT.

On and off the field, I will:

  • Always uphold fair play and sportsmanship.
  • Recognise the impact of using inappropriate language, considering spectators and the public, especially children.
  • Refrain from criticising match officials, acknowledging their efforts and respecting their decisions.
  • Never verbally attack a match official, Ballerz staff, player, or spectator based on their appearance, race, religion, gender, or sexuality, as it may result in expulsion from the game, suspension, or legal consequences.
  • Never resort to physical violence against a match official, Ballerz staff, player, or spectator, as it could lead to ejection from the game, suspension, or legal consequences.
  • Conduct myself with dignity in victory, defeat, or draw, concluding each game with a handshake with the opposing team and the referee.
  • While waiting to access the pitch at the designated time, I will be mindful of children playing nearby.

I understand that failing to adhere to this code may result in:

  • Receiving a caution, temporary suspension or being sent off by match officials, depending on the severity of the offence.
  • Being required to apologise to anyone I have offended or mistreated.
  • Facing disciplinary action from the Ballerz management team, including receiving a formal warning, suspension from matches, or more severe consequences, depending on the nature of the offence.
  • Facing permanent expulsion from Ballerz if the offence is deemed serious enough.