League Rules


Kick Off

Teams are required to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off and assemble in the players’ team talk room.

Team Captains must confirm the home game’s walk-out song and the fixture for the following week.

Before kick-off, all teams MUST register their players with the match official (the process for this needs to be determined).

Teams must be present in the tunnel and prepared to start the match at the designated kick-off time. If a team is more than 10 minutes late, their opponents have the option to claim a 3–0 head start or 1 Goal for every 5 minutes delayed. At the discretion of the League Managers/Referees, a 3-0 win may be awarded.



Cancellations are strictly prohibited, and all teams are expected to fulfil their fixtures for the integrity of the League. In exceptional circumstances necessitating a cancellation, Ballerz must be notified at least the day before the fixture.

Any team that cancels a fixture, regardless of notice, will concede the match 3–0 to their opponents.

Repeated absence of 2 or more games per season may result in a team being removed from the league.

If a team refuses to play against another team, the match will be awarded to the opposing team 3–0.

If a team refuses to complete a match already underway, the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory. However, if the score at the time of abandonment yields a goal difference greater than 3-0, that score will stand.



Any player or team suspended by a local Football Association or governing body is ineligible to participate in any Ballerz leagues or tournaments.

Players who refuse to disclose their name to the referee for disciplinary reasons will be automatically banned from the League.

Teams must adhere to the Ballerz Code of Conduct; failure to do so may result in removal from the League.


New Team Entry

Teams may join the league at any point during the season. New teams can inherit the scores and points of their predecessors. Teams joining after the halfway point are ineligible for first or second place at the end of the season. New teams may receive a maximum of 1 point for each missed game up to the midway point.


Player Registration


All players must complete the necessary registration forms before competing for any team. Players cannot be registered to more than one team in the same division. A player may transfer registration to another team once during the league season.

A maximum of 11 players per game may participate, and all players must be listed on the team sheet before kick-off.

Any team fielding an unregistered or suspended player will automatically lose the match 3–0 and incur a deduction of 3 points. Players competing while under suspension will face an additional three-match ban following their current suspension.


Points System

Teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. League rankings are determined by points earned, followed by goal difference, goals scored, and the aggregate result between the two teams involved.